After the age of 5, Enuresis is considered a medical problem. Often the problem is just not talked about, so the number of concerned persons is higher, then supposed. (5 - 10% of 6-year old children; 2-3% of 10-year old children)

Problems for the parents

  • Parents often put the blame on themselves
  • Extra work

Problems for the child

  • Nightly bedwetting saps the self-confidence of the child
  • The child feels isolated

The solution of the problem
First path
For ruling out any organic deseases, it's important to consult your doctor first.

Second path
Possible reasons for Enuresis

  • A small bladder
  • Not enough ADH in connection with a deep sleep. Hormone ADH controls the quantity of urine. At night the body produces more ADH in order to reduce the quantity of urine. Children who urinate at night unintentionally produce too little ADH and therefore too much urine. Unfortunately, they often do not wake up when their bladder is full and urinate while sleeping.
  • psychological causes (shocking experiences; divorce; etc)

    Third path
    The therapy possibilities should be discussed with your doctor.